When Professor X’s paper has been dinged at the Absolutely Prestigious Journal of Economic Theory (APJET), it is customary to send the paper (after further revision) to BPJET (Boderline Prestigious Journal of Economic Theory). On occasion, one of those who will be asked to handle the paper by BPJET will have reviewed the paper earlier for the APJET. Further, it is not uncommon for this person decline handling the paper on the grounds that the author is entitled to a fresh pair of eyes. Is Professor X so entitled?

Lets start with the referee. Is it appropriate to decline on these grounds? No, say I. The referee should certainly disclose they have reviewed the paper before. But, the editor or associate editor has tapped them precisely because s/he values their opinion. The fact that they have offered their opinion to others is irrelevant. Disclosure of the earlier review allows editor or ae to decide whether it is appropriate canvas more widely.

What happens if the jaded eyes belong to the associate editor or editor themselves? Here I am not so clear what the rules should be. Suggestions?