I confess. Blogging is harder than publishing. Lance Fortnow tells me that I would find Blogging easier if the orifice in my antipodes was not constricted. Perhaps this is true, but it does make one wonder about the source of a bloggers wisdom.

Very well then. I will follow his advice. Where is the milk of magnesia? Jacta alea est.

Drive-by theorizing. Practiced by applied theorists. This is the species that theorizes about phenomena, rather than theory.

Works like this. Read a book from another discipline about some unusual phenomena over the summer. In the fall, write a paper with an economic model about the phenomena. Usually with a title like `An Economic Theory of BLANK.’ A popular choice for BLANK is one of the 7 deadly sins (but these have  been exhausted) or something magesterial like empire, justice, language, family or sex.

The contents of said paper consist of a verbal intuition formalized with a patina of mathematics. Indeed, the best examples, admit no other intuition but the one advanced by the author. Of course, this makes the mathematical exercise utterly pointless. We build mathematical models to sort out competing intuitions not to codify them.

 When completed, move on. It is always best to have the first word, no matter how anemic, than the last.

Of course, one should name names. I won’t. I’ve sipped a laxative not drowned in it.