Since this is a game theory blog, I’ll stoop to a brief plug: I’m playing today in the round of 16 at the US bridge championship which started on Friday.  It determines the US rep for worlds.   The hands are broadcast live on the website Bridge Base Online, in case any casual bridge players are interested. It sometimes draws as many as 10,000 spectators; not quite World Cup, but exciting anyway :-). At this moment my team has a small lead on some former world champs in a match which started yesterday and concludes today; we are still underdogs, I would say.  Play starts at 10 but I reenter the fray at 3:45 — a team has 6 members of which 4 play at a time.  More information is at

To watch, go to Bridge Base website, click “play bridge now,” create a free account.  Once logged in click on “live vugraph.”

Final update: my team was ultimately eliminated in the semifinals after scoring two significant upsets to advance that far.  In fact, the 4 semifinalists were originally ranked 1,2,3 and 20.  One of our successful hands was covered in the Times.