On the long flight from Shanghai to Chicago, the mind wanders. I chanced upon the observation that a number of prominent young theorists cut their hair close to the skull. Horner (Yale), Shmaya (Northwestern), Sandholm (Wisconsin), Chassang (Princeton), Szentes (LSE), Maccheroni (Bocconi), Sarver (Northwestern)………Clearly, unlike Samson, their locks are not the source of their power. The qualifier `young’ is important because after a certain age  it may not be a choice. Non-theorists of the same vintage as far as I can tell (while trapped in coach) favor a less ascetic style.  Are the shaved heads a symbol of monkish devotion to truth? Does it stimulate the phagocytes (in which case I’m off to the barber)? Is it a mark of membership in a secret society?   Inquiring minds want to know. I’m also fairly certain that I will live to regret this post.