The web-site of the New York Times tells us a some “neutral” news (midterm elections, US rejects Hen vaccine), some bad news (attacks in Iraq, floods in Pakistan, mine collapse in Chile), and no good news.

The Washington Post also tells us neutral news (more midterm elections), and more bad news (Al Qaeda threat in Yemen, cyberattack, regulatory failure in Mineral Management Service, and again, no good news.

The British Telegraph tells us about an irresponsible  pathologist, a murdered British spy, the tube strike, 72 bodies found in Mexico, but here I found one piece of good news: sales of Rover’s twin brother, the Roewe, soar in China.

Another ray of hope is the French Le Monde. It tells us about Romanians and Bulgarians who were deported from France and deaths in Bangla Desh, to remind us of the somber world we live in, but it also tells us one piece of good news, about a couple who finished a 10-year restoration of their 18th century weekend house, which was in ruins when bought.

The largest Newspaper in Israel surprised me. In addition to the usual bad news on the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, it tells us about a man who got a new heart implant, and starts living again.

Bottom line: we read many neutral and bad news on the front page of newspapers, but hardly any good news. The paper version of newspapers is even more somber than their web-site, where space is more pricey. Why is that? Is it that good news do not sell? Don’t we want to know that a new wing was opened in a children hospital, that the chances of survival of some rare species have increased because of a new plan of the international Zoo organization, or that the city of New York decided to invest $5M in hockey teams to increase the chance that the US wins the next Olympic games in hockey? What is the effect that “no good news” have on us? Are we more somber because the news are more somber? Are we less likely to help others because we do not read in the news that this is a possibility? Do we become more aggressive because the news are more aggressive?

I call for an increase in the number of good news: let every newspaper publish (at least) one piece of good news on each page. I am sure that this would make our world a more pleasant place to live in. Or at least, it will make the newspapers more pleasant to read.