Wherever you find tourists, you find tourist shops, those shops that sell things specifically for tourists. Erice is no exception: the two castles and the few churches attract tourists, and attract vendors for tourists. What type of marchandise do you find in those shops? T-shirts with a large “Sicily” spread over the front; well, if you have kids and you have to bring presents back home, then such shirts are what you need. T-shirts with Homer Simpson and “Godfather” below it; I guess that young people who still find this funny may enjoy this T-shirt. Hats; if you forgot to bring a hat (or lost it) you do need one. Bags. Cheap Jewellery. T-shirts which say “I love you”. These you can find in your home town, and for less price. If the shops offer these items for sale, it means that they have a market. So the question is: what makes tourists buy those items that bear no relation to the place they visit, and that they can purchase at home for less money?