Now that the velvet rope around Google+ has fallen, hoi-polloi like myself can join. Apparently the ability to partition one’s acquaintances into various sets, i.e. circles, is a big part of the appeal. There are the obvious ones like `family’ and `friends’. One can also create new circles. An implicit assumption is that the labels of circles are `positive’. I toyed with other labels.

Second Circle


Mass Murderer

Waste of Space

Finally settled on `Educated Beyond Their Intelligence’. I added an individual, X, I have not met and am unlikely to do so that I thought unambiguously fit the definition and would, if called upon, be able to defend such a choice and waited to see what happened. It turns out that Google does not read the labels of the circles in the sense of understanding them. It has dutifully informed X that I have included him/her in a circle. I receive happy missives from X. Thus, the real benefit of Google+. One can now appear to be nice to people who one does not care for on-line rather than just in real life.