Page A5 of the October 27, 2011 issue of the WSJ displays a full page ad paid for by Allianz featuring their Chief Behavioral Economist (CBE). The CBE faces the reader while two seated individuals with their backs to us appear to gaze enraptured at the CBE. I’m presuming enraptured, because they are not in the customary prayer pose of most audience members as they check their phones. Perhaps, Behavioral economics has finally arrived. Where does the CBE stand in the hierarchy? Does he report to the Chief Economist? Is the CBE required to assiduously refrain from making predictions based on rational agents? Is the CBE’s task to train Allianz advisors in how to exploit the biases of individual investors or mitigate them? When can we expect to hear about the appointment of a Chief NeuroEconomist? Inquiring minds want to know.