is the title of an engaging management book by Thurston P. Howell a prof at Harvard Business School. Howell may be known to some of you from his presentation at TED on the social networks of members of drug cartels where he uses the Bonacich measure of centrality to identify drug kingpins.

Howell has been running a well received executive development program for cartel members in Colombia and other Latin American countries. The students are exposed to the basics of finance, accounting, marketing and courses on the public-private interface, media relations and crisis management. That experience has allowed him to interview, at length, some of the major figures and ask about the leadership challenges they face as well as how they deal with them. The findings from this fieldwork have been distilled into the present volume.

The book makes a welcome addition to anyones library of airport business books. It complements very nicely `The leadership secrets of Attila the Hun’, `The leadership secrets of Hilary Clinton’, `The leadership secrets of Colin Powell’, `The leadership secrets of Genghis Khan’, `The leadership secrets of Billy Graham’, `The leadership secrets of Jesus Christ’, `The leadership secrets of Elizabeth I’, `The leadership secrets of squirrels, priates, Navy Seals, Bismarck, Santa Claus, King David, Dumbledore, Hornblower, Gandalf and the Trigan Empire’.